Fish-friendly pump

Fish-friendly pump

100% safe for eel

The fish-friendly pump from Nijhuis Pompen BV, developed in collaboration with FishFlow Innovations, allows 100% of the eel and at least 97% of the squid to pass through a pumping station undamaged. This result was measured during a practical test with real fish, under the watchful eye of an independent agency, VisAdvies BV. * This innovation is patented.

The development of the fish-friendly pump is anticipated on the negative effects of the conventional pumps in pumping stations on fish stocks. A considerable part of the current fish mortality is caused by fish colliding with the impeller blades and / or guide vanes of the pump as they pass through conventional pumping stations. In addition, natural fish migration is strongly disrupted and, in particular, the eel population is further threatened.

The development of the fish-friendly pump is anticipated In addition to the pumps in pumping stations, the low-pressure turbines form hydroelectric power stations pose a major risk to migratory fish. With the fish-friendly pump principles of Pentair Nijhuis, the impellers and guide vanes of turbines can also be made fish-friendly.

A sustainable solution

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) underlines the importance of making all watercourses fish-friendly in the coming years.

Therefore choose a sustainable solution that protects nature and the environment and also saves energy. We are happy to advise you on how to adjust your pump or turbine to a fish-friendly system.

Advantages of the PF pump

–  100% fish-friendly for eelThe fish-friendly pump allows 100% of the eel and at least 97% of the squid to pass through a pumping station undamaged. *

–  High efficiencyPentair Nijhuis builds the pump entirely according to customer-specific requirements, in line with operational management. The fish-friendliness is guaranteed and the efficiency is optimized. The PF pump achieves a pump efficiency of at least 80% at the design point.

–  Fish-friendly thanks to a modified shape The impeller and the guide vanes of the PF pump have a specially developed design. This creates a favorable flow in the water that helps the fish to pass the pump safely, despite a relatively high speed. Moreover, there is much more space between the impeller blades and all edges are rounded. Increasing the space between the impeller blades drastically reduces the chance of being hit.

–  Easy installation in existing pumping stations The PF pump can be fitted to an existing pumping station to size, so that civil adjustments are not or hardly necessary.

–  Expansion of electrical installation usually not necessary Due to the optimization of the pump design, it is not necessary to extend the electrical installation when renovating in most existing pumping stations.

–  Lower costs Because in most cases the existing infrastructure can continue to exist and the existing electrical installation can be used, considerably less costs will be incurred to convert an existing system into a fish-friendly system. Technical details

  • Available in vertical and horizontal versions, in both dry and wet installation.

  • Application in natural open water systems, where business operations require relatively low pressures and high capacities for the benefit of level control.

  • The standard capacity varies between 1,500 and 20,000 m3 / h. A much higher capacity is possible with special applications.

  • The head varies between 1 and 5 meters: an area in which it is customary to use conventional propeller pumps.

Fish-safe pumps equipped with the patented impeller from NIJHUIS-PENTAIR

Pumping station in Vinderhoute equipped with 2 fish-safe pumps each 1000 l / s.
Inspection of the pump at the test stand at NIJHUIS on 22/11/2017.

Pumping station RODE WEEL equipped with 2 fish-safe pumps each 4 m³ / sec.
Inspection of the pump at the test stand at NIJHUIS on 05/03/2019.